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How To Impress A Girl

How To Impress A Girl 

Ten ways to impress a girl instantly 

How To Impress A Girl

The inspiration for this article is the fact that Valentine's day is around the corner and I don't want you to suffer the unfortunate valentine's day fate that i did five years ago. So i was dating this girl and i really liked her, it was a new relationship so it still like really fresh and new. Valentine's day was coming up and i was thinking what should i do for valentine's day, I'm like, i'll go to the store and buy her some chocolates and flowers.. Whatever, Whatever and so i put it off, put it off and put it off until the day had arrived. 

We made plans that evening, we're going to get together, she was going to come over to my place and so i was working that day. I'm like hey i got to get off and I'm gonna gram something. So i'm done, I work late, i go to the store and guess what?? sold out. So u got my car and go to another store, guess what?? All well. I got her a pair of socks and a card. The look on her face when i was trying to explain how how soft these socks are and so amazing and they made me think of you and a week later she dumped me. 

So today Gentlemen i'm gonna tell you ten things that we as men can do that women's love. Like i said the inspiration of this article is for valentine's day but all ten of these things are pretty much universally appropriate for any time in the year. You wanna let your cinderella know that you think she is the prettiest. 

No 1- Send Flowers 

How To Impress A Girl

It doesn't get sexier or more romantic than send flowers. More specifically ROSES, Fact all women loves getting roses. Thats cool if go to the grocery store, Pick up a rose and a nachos with some perfume, thats fine, thats great. But if you really wanna take it to the next level, Then have the roses delivered because as much as she like getting the roses, she likes other people seeing  that she is getting the roses. UHH Diana you've got a delivery. 

BOOM every body in the office is like, did you hear all the women, Diana's man sent that. Then calling their man and be like you never send me flowers and all the dudes in the office are put on notice like yo, don't mess with Diana because her dude, He means business.  

Grab some roses for that pretty cinderella in your life. Throw the love out of dads in the audience. You might want to think about send your beautiful DAUGHTER some roses as well, May pink, A different colour Whateverrrrr.. Let her know that you are think about her and she is special. You're also setting the bars for all the other dudes that are going to some sniffing around. Come onnnn you're at it. How could you forget MOM"S Seriously ???? She carried you in her womb For Nine months. I think she deserves Some. 

NO 2- Take Her Dancing 

How To Impress A Girl

One of the best classes actually an elective i took in High school, which was something really cool called ball room dancing. I was was like, You know i'm going to learn how to dance and so i went and took all the class. I know all the moves, Im telling you there's nothing sexier than a dude who isn't afraid to shake it up on the dance floor. 

NO 3- Write A Love Letter  

How To Impress A Girl

Notice, I didn't day love email or text. Write a LETTER. Combine the LOVE LETTER with NO four.

NO 4- Chocolates 

How To Impress A Girl

Chicks love CHOCOLATES. 
Hell everybody loves chocolates. Seriously what is better than chocolates, Is there anything more sexy and sensual than chocolate ?? Yes.. Yes there is.. NO five. 

NO 5- Strawberries Dipped In Chocolate

How To Impress A Girl

I don't like chocolate covered strawberries said no no women ever. Gentlemen the chocolates along with the strawberries dipped in chocolate are amazing. 

NO 6- Take Her Shoe Shopping

How To Impress A Girl

She will LOVEEEE.. MELLLLT.. Im talking like turtle on the floor if you take her shoe shopping. 

NO 7- Buy Her A Piece Of Hand Made Jewellery 

May be earring, Necklace or Bracelet. A lot of festivals and Flea markets have a lot of designers and artists. They're actually making and selling stuffz and the beautiful thing about it is, its  inexpensive. 

NO 8- Perfumes 

How To Impress A Girl

The eighth thing that you can buy her that you'll love is her favorite perfume. look what she's wearing and buy her another bottle. It is not safe to buy something that you like. 

No 9- Date To Paint Pottery 

How To Impress A Girl

The her on a date to paint pottery, go pick up your pottery, its raw or get i black canvas and you have a romantic evening messing around, doing your thing and also you can bring a bottle of wine.

NO 10-  Buy Tickets

How To Impress A Girl

One for you, One for her to go to her favorite event or may be its a concert or a movie. It surf this way so when all els fails you can always buy her some ROSES. It works every time and If you're like OHHH I'm not into roses because i don't have a girl then you can always buy some chocolates because they are delicious.

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