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How to receive a text or call from a specific person using the Law of attractions!

How to receive a text or call from a specific person using the Law of attractions ?

How to manifest a text from a specific someone ??? Now this could be loved one, ex, mentor or a business partner that you want to work with… it could be anyone.

Now you can actually use the laws of attractions to manifest a text from anyone you like using the right principles… Now I want to first of say that there are lots of blogs which talk about this but how specific it is the big problem out there because it's not actually as straight forward as it shows.

You need to have all the part of the law of attraction, understand it and make it work for you. But if you follow step by step you will be able to make it happen. I make it happen all the time..

all right now lest dive right into it..



1. The first step is calming our mind

In our mind there will be a lot of negativity and there will be a lot of thoughts saying that it can’t happen and lots of dis belief so the most important fundamental behind is you gotta believe it. Now this is probably the first thing and probably the biggest problem for most of the people can’t get the law of attractions to work for them is because deep down inside they don’t actually believe that they can do it. You know there's a part like I visualise I visualise I visualise but there’s also a part where the logical mind says that oh yeah as if its gonna work. So we’ve constantly got this battle.

Now rather than saying, hey lets sit here and get rid of those disempower and belief because it's probably gonna take us a long time to do that because its took so many years of conditioning that s formed that type of belief system.

So the first way is to calm the mind… so everyone one who’s reading this now, take a deep breath in…. And out….

Now while you take that deep breathe out every single time I want you to feel that noise and mind calming down, all the different thoughts and belief just calming downing.. Do this 5 to 10 times until you feel silence in your mind. Guys always remember that breathing is everything.. so just breath it out and you clam the noise in your mind. If you can do this for even 3 to 5 minutes then It will get you in a very nice brain wave state, that meditation state. So just keep calming that mind until  you hear just silence. And you’re literally witnessing the sound that happening around you. Its much easier if you have a quite environment to do this.

2.The second step is to visualise
Now in this brain wave all you need to literally do is just close your eyes and visualise holding you’re phone, you can visualise that energy of that text message from the first sound, just hear the sound… here the most important thing is to apply EMOTION (Energy in motion) remember that's how Laws of attractions works. The more emotion we apply to this situation, the more energy in motion for that attractions actually works for us. So we hear the sound and we feel the emotion ooh I received the text, put the emotion in there as if it's happening right now. You gotta see the name, the name that you want right now, just feel and see that name. Just some and get really excited in that moment like its happening now. Then what you gotta do is imagining your self clicking into it and see the text, the exact text that you want to receive. Just feel it, feel the vibrations of that text. Feel the vibrations from that person and that feeling. The more emotion you apply to this, the faster you’re gonna get results. You’ve gotta see it and feel the emotions, the vibrations and in that moment take a deep breath in and out. And put the phone away. The intention part is done already. Now you’ve gotta cup your eyes with your hand and inside the cup what we do is we visualise a energy beam hitting our hand going back in and lacking that energy in sealing it. Once its sealed we are done. Now we know that intentions are sealed and locked.

3.Final step is to let go
This is most crucial part. Don’t think about it.

But don’t focus on not thinking about it because when you do you go thinking about it. So instead get on with whatever you have to get on with. Actually don’t think about it, just go do whatever you do at home, go do your work, do whatever you gotta do in a natural state, not in an attachment state, totally in a detach state once you let go. When the time is right, When you feel it pick up your phone, you’ll know… you’ll feel it. But don’t chase it… Chase works against the Laws of attractions. So that moment the final moment you’ve gotta let go. Don’t think about it really focus on something els. Keep doing that thing until you naturally pick up your phone like you do and check it… You would have receive the text from that specific person…

The main key is to believe and trust that it is gonna work.. Even if there's 1% doubt then the Laws of attraction will not work.. This is powerful and really does work as long as you use the principles of the law of attraction properly. You can attract what you want in life using very similar steps. And sometimes you can even manifest instantly if the emotions are strong enough.

Happy Manifesting!


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