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3 Simple ways to attract a specific person INSTANTLY into your life using the law of attraction

3 Simple ways to attract a specific person INSTANTLY into your life using the law of attraction 

3 Simple ways to attract a specific person INSTANTLY into your life using the law of attraction

ATTRACT WHILE YOU SLEEP  Three ways to attract a specific person into your life instantly using the Law of attraction. This could be a loved one or form a relationship with or i could be someone who you've never met yet or it could a business partner or it could be anybody. This is a very very powerful technic which i am gonna share them with your where you'll not find online. but make sure whatever it is, you are specific. why i say that is because this strategy or this three ways i gonna tell you is very powerful and if you're not careful the way you use it and if you're not specific, What it will do is, it will answer to what you want but also it will answer to what you don't want.

So the most important thing before you even get into it is to be very specific and know exactly what you want the whole criteria

When you apply this in your life it will be magical and this is beyond the secret or any other books out there. This technic will speed up the whole process and you'll be like, why didn't anybody els think of this strategy. so i want you guys to keep that open mind so you're in that receptive mode, so that you grab all the knowledge wherever you're in the world. 

1. Visualisation 

3 Simple ways to attract a specific person INSTANTLY into your life using the law of attraction
Now a lot of you will probably think, oh visualisation i knew about that, i kinda practice that already. But the question really is this, are you practising it in a right way ??  are you practising it in a way where it will start attracting the person you want and so what are the key fundamentals that need to be in place during a visualisation process to make it actually happen but not just actually happen but also how to speed up the process and make it happen instantly. 

So when it comes to visualisation whats very important is to practice this in the morning and if practice this before bed its very powerful and it happens a lot faster why when you wake up you're mind is most calm. a lot of the time i would go through my morning routine. and if you guys haven't checked my morning routine then make sure to read that as well. so when your mind is most calm, and you're in the high vibrational frequency early in the morning is the best time to go inside this visualisation and the reason behind it is your most aligned and most tuned in to the source to the universe, so whatever your prayers are, whatever your words are at that moment it manifest a lot faster, and that's in the morning and before you go to bed. 

But the very important thing is this because you know that we live in a very social media world today. so a lot of the time we're swiping this phone, so what we don't realise is we are manifesting a lot of things from one swipe. so do not have your mobile phones before bed swiping and then trying this visualisation stuff and saying, hey Steve this doesn't work. the reason it doesn't work is because your not declined enough to put the phone away before bed. so at least an hour before to allow that mind to calm.  the best ay to calm the mind is to take a lot of deep breaths. so every time when a take one breath you'll find taking each breath will calm the mind even more, So when you calm that mind and go into visualisation it becomes a lot more powerful. 

Then when it comes to visualisation what do u do ? you close your eyes and you imagine and visualise as if it is happening right now of that person of your dreams, The person you wish to attract is there with you. so what does this mean ? it means that you will need to activate your senses in that visualisation, It means you need to see, you need to able to feel, touch & hear. you need to activate these senses because the more you're there actually in your mind because the universe behind that thought does not distinguish between what is real and what is not, so what your mind can actual think of and then you can actually create those results. so the most important thing there is to feel everything. because always remember that emotions is the main key in the law of attraction, e-motion means ENERGY IN MOTION. The more you build your emotion desire the faster you manifest.

2. Mirror Matching

3 Simple ways to attract a specific person INSTANTLY into your life using the law of attraction
Now what does mirror matching means ? its actually a concept that i came up with and developed, its so powerful when you start realising that life and everything that around us is actually a purely reflections of ourselves. It means the good and the bad, if we were to dive deep within ourselves, in to our being, we start seeing ourselves in other people.

So this is a very powerful way if we starting understanding that life is purely reflection of us  and everything around us is purely reflection of us. If we are look for a real loving person then we need be that real loving person. So what we can do in this instinct is to start actually look deep into ourselves, Then start thinking about this thing that we want to attract right now. the biggest problem what most people have and cant attract what the want is because a lot of time what we think we want is not what we want, what we think we want is because what other people have programmed in our mind that this is how a girlfriend should be, wife should be or whatever. And suddenly that becomes what we think we want, And thats why a lot of the time its not alined with us and we keep meeting other type of person, And we keep thinking why are we attracting other type of person because its not who who you are alined with, so what you need to do is to dive deep inside and start thinking what is that you actually want and thinking if thats alined with your vibrational frequency, is that who you are living right now. 

3. Attraction through service 

3 Simple ways to attract a specific person INSTANTLY into your life using the law of attraction
Attraction through service is done like this. Lets say for example, I wanted to attract the love of my life and i have this idea of what this person is like, maybe this person is kind, you can go specific and you have very clear image. You're clear concise mental image is very important so you have that. now that happens in who do you attract though service ? it means you attract through serving other people.

Now i know there will be a big question mark here, how do you attract through serving other people? it means if you're looking for love, then you need to help somebody find love. now theres a lot of  high level frequency that happen in the act of doing so. So for example, If i am looking for love right now and theres somebody that I really desire, and if find somebody els who is a single and i pretty much let go my need to say hey this needs to be my thin right now, Instead i put my efforts and channel my frequency and my energies in to thinking the specific person the other person wants. So i have this letting go, Forgetting it is the part that most people miss out and that's why the Law of attraction does not work for the majority people.. 

Letting go is one of the very most important thing to make the Law of attraction work. you gotta set it and forget it, meaning you gotta learn to let go. And when you let go, what you want is starts coming into your life. Its a very powerful thing but you have to let go in that last moment. so what does it mean? it means we are specific and we know exactly what we want and then we let go because we already the visualisation, we have already sent the message to the universe. so we know and believe that the god or the universe is gonna provide us what we want. And now its time to let go because if your holding on its does not allow the law of attraction to work for you. So to let go what is the great practice to do so is actually just to put our focus now on helping somebody els attract love, now when we put that active service into helping somebody els find love, our intention is on finding love for somebody els but we have no attachment to our thoughts here. And that's why a lot of the time when we are helping somebody els, during that process or when you found love for somebody els and you put a lot of effort and energy into it, you will find the love of your life or the person that you want to attract in your life just appear outta no where into your life. its a very very powerful way to use the Law of attraction.

Follow these steps and the universe works as magic to get that thing to you or to get that person to you.

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3 Simple ways to attract a specific person INSTANTLY into your life using the law of attraction

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